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18. (a) Using the result of problem 4, the TNT equivalent is (2 . 50 kg)(4 . 54 × 10 26 MeV / kg) 2 . 6 × 10 28 MeV / 10 6 ton =4 . 4 × 10 4 ton = 44 kton . (b) Assuming that this is a fairly inefficiently designed bomb, then much of the remaining 92 . 5kgis probably “wasted” and was included perhaps to make sure the bomb did not “Fzzle.” There is also
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Unformatted text preview: an argument for having more than just the critical mass based on the short assembly-time of the material during the implosion, but this so-called super-critical mass, as generally quoted, is much less than 92 . 5 kg, and does not necessarily have to be purely Plutonium....
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