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Significant Figures (2011) BRAE 433 This is from the BRAE433 text: The following has been suggested by the Concrete Reinforcing Steel Institute as a rough guide for numerical accuracy in reinforced concrete calculations. 1. Loads to the nearest 1 psf; 10 lb/ft; 100 lb concentration 2. Span lengths to about 0.1 ft 3. Total loads and reactions to 0.1 kip or three-figure accuracy 4. Moments to the nearest 0.1 ft-kip or three-figure accuracy 5. Individual bar areas to 0.01 in. 2 6. Concrete construction sizes to ½ in. 7. Effective beam depth of 0.1 in. 8. Column loads to the nearest 1.0 kip In general ( admittedly, not always ), we have represented numbers used in calculations to an accuracy of three significant digits. If the number begins with 1, then four significant digits are shown. The intermediate and final numerical solutions are rounded in accordance with this rule of thumb. When working on a calculator, however, one will normally maintain all digits and round only the final answer. BRAE 312 and BRAE 236
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