BRAE 236-Key Points for Common Types of Irrigation Systems

BRAE 236-Key Points for Common Types of Irrigation Systems...

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BRAE 236: Key Points for Common Types of Irrigation Systems Surface Irrigation Sprinkler Irrigation Microirrigation/Drip Main Types Main Types Main Types Furrows Hand Move/Hand Lines Drip/Trickle Sloping Side Roll/Wheel Lines Bubbler/Bubbler-Basin Level Solid Set - Aluminum Micro-spray/Mini-sprinkler Border Strip Permanent Set Subsurface drip Level Basin Center Pivot Note: NOT Subirrigation L i n e a r Move/Lateral Move Stationary Big Gun Traveling Big Gun Basic Concepts Basic Concepts Basic Concepts Infiltration depends on: Application rate < infiltration rate Closely spaced Wetted surface area Surface storage Deliver water right to plant Opportunity time (OT) important for pivots Frequent, small applications Infiltration rate Can vary application Don’t wet entire soil surface Declines w/ time amount, irrigation duration or volume
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Unformatted text preview: increases with OT Difficult to apply small amounts uniformly Treat as fixed amount, variable frequency sys. Factors Affecting IE & DU Factors Affecting IE & DU Factors Affecting IE & DU Good timing Good timing Good timing Good DU Good DU Good DU Soil variability Spacing/overlap Pressure variations OT: Sloping furrow Flow rate Clogging Adv. Ratio < 0.5 Sprinkler size Water treatment OT: Other Systems Wind Filtration (Min OT/Max OT) > 0.5 Pressure variations Physical separation Watering time Nozzles Chemical treatment Flow rate Sizes, wear, plugging Collect runoff Management Keys Management Keys Management Keys Uniform OT Appl. rate < infilt. rate Frequent, small applications Quick advance Spacing/overlap Proper timing Short Runs Adequate pressure High quality equipment High flow rates Limit pressure variations Prevent clogging Torpedoes Check nozzle wear, sizes Water treatment Tailwater return flow syst. Maintenance Laser leveling Filters Compaction differences...
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