Schrader Valve Installation BRAE 236 Lab 3

Schrader Valve Installation BRAE 236 Lab 3 - ‐ Tap the...

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Schrader Valve Installation Equipment Needed (there is a tool box with all of these pieces near the sink in the lab prep room): _ R bit (about 3/8”) _ 1/8" pilot bit _ Cordless drill (there are (2) 18 volt drills in the lab prep room near the sink) _ Tapping tool w/ tap _ Schrader valves _ 7/16" wrench How to make a tap Pilot R sized hole
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Unformatted text preview: ‐ Tap the hole ‐ not too deep ‐ Teflon tape ‐ Place the Schrader valve ‐ Take a measurement with 0 ‐ 60psi w/ air chuck ‐ Remove the Schrader at the end **Note that if using a long tube on the pressure gauge that the gauge needs to be held near the Schrader valve or the value will be wrong. **...
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