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Unformatted text preview: BRAE 236 – Field Trip Information and Rules 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. We will travel on a commercial bus. Students are responsible for all of their own expenses. Bring a lunch (or buy one) and drinks for the day. Students are expected to act professionally during the entire trip. There is just no tolerance for irresponsible behavior. If Dr. Styles or Ms. Orvis is aware of a disturbance, the students involved in the disturbance will automatically receive two grades less for the entire class. Obviously, that could equal an F. Past events during the field trips have shown that some students seem to gravitate to irresponsible behavior, and Dr. Styles or Ms Orvis will not tolerate it. Please avoid it. When a field is visited, please take care to not step on plants. Also – DO NOT PICK ANY FRUIT or vegetables. That would be the same as someone walking into your backyard and picking your flowers and garden fruit. Do not argue or be short with the hosts. Sometimes they may say things that don’t make sense, and you may be certain that they are wrong. Don’t push them into a corner. They are taking their time and expense to talk with the class. Pick up the good points. If you decide to not board the bus on time at any stop, at the start of the morning, etc. that is your decision and no attempt will be made to find you or persuade you. Be prepared to make your own travel and logistical arrangements at your expense – no matter where it is you decide to not stay with the group. Timeliness is not an option – it is required. Academic expectations: 1. The field trip report is worth a significant amount of the class grade. You must attend the field trip to receive any points. 2. Make a professional report – in terms of grammar, format, neatness, etc. 3. Include pictures – they need to be in color and they do need to be labeled. Do insert them in the text where they belong rather than just printing out a bunch of pictures as an attachment. 4. Do not assume that the pictures tell the story. They are only valuable enhancements. 5. The devil in management and operations is in the details. Report on the details as well as on the general concepts. This does not mean that the report is just a list of details. It must be readable and make sense. Bulleted points are useful for listing some specific items related to a point that has been described. 6. The report should be written from the perspective that you are the only employee of a company who has the opportunity to go on the trip. You are to convey as much information as possible in the report to the others, in a manner that they understand. 7. Include contact information for each stop. 8. **The report content is absolutely not to be limited to stops that appear on the itinerary that is handed out. Equally important is information provided while the bus is moving, and at various informal stops. Do not include a report of activities that are not related to irrigation, water, or ag in general. A detailed trip report is required. Assume that whoever reads the report absolutely needs to know everything possible about each stop. Do not just provide a list of things. Instead, organize information as you would expect to see it in a report – by topic, with some explanations and proper sequencing and grouping. Well labeled photos are informative. Therefore, this report must have many details: Location, person, crops examined Details of the drip system, such as - tape/hose thickness and diameter - hole spacing; type of emitter; brand - nominal flow rate - length of run - type of manifold - type of pressure regulation - scheduling of irrigations - type of filters - chemical injection - cultivation practices - in detail - impact on yield quality and quantity - problems - benefits etc., etc. ...
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