Running downhill

Running downhill - when you get a lot of damage,...

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Running downhill- does the most damage to your muscles Range of motion test- extend your arm all the way, can’t move it all the way, significant muscle damage, device with a bulb on end and you push on muscle, Blood sample- spin it and look at different proteins in blood Plasma cytokines- these and IL-6 are released from muscle when it is undergoing a lot of damage, also called myokine Serum creatine kinase- CK, marker of muscle damage, Skeletal muscle troponin- Tc might be cardiac muscle, this is released from heart muscle
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Unformatted text preview: when you get a lot of damage, Myoglobin-These will increase with muscle damage. Markers are elevated on green tea, Doms, less markers= good green tea, using this on 10K In the first 8 weeks of training you are looking at a lot of neural adaptation 12-15 weeks for physiological aspects exercise changing your body fighter pilots and divers action potential- sodium opens and makes cell postitive...
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