AEM1200-0209Q-1 - Marketing Question Set AEM1200 Spring...

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Unformatted text preview: Marketing Question Set AEM1200 Spring 2011 Pedro David Prez Please match the three given definitions to their best match of one of the given five concepts (only one concept matches any one definition). 1. A name, symbol, or design (or combination of these) that identifies the goods or services of one seller or group of sellers and distinguishes them from those of competitors. 2. All the techniques sellers use to persuade consumers to buy their goods and services. 3. Any physical good, service, or idea that satisfies a want or need. a. Advertising b. Brand c. Product d. Promotion e. Total product offer Please match the following concepts to the construct they belong to. (NOTE: each of the constructs may belong to multiple concepts). The constructs are: a. Consumer decision making process b. Marketing mix c. Marketing strategy d. Promotion mix e. Steps in the selling process 5. Advertising 6. Alternative evaluation 7. Answer objections 8. Approach 9. Close 10. Customer acquisition 11. Customer retention 12. Decision 13. Follow up 14. Personal selling 15. Place 16. Positioning 17. Post-purchase evaluation 18. Pre-approach 19. Present 20. Price 21. Problem recognition 22. Product 23. Promotion 24. Prospect / qualify 25. Public relations 26. Sales promotions 27. Search 28. Segmentation 29. Targeting Marketing Question Set...
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AEM1200-0209Q-1 - Marketing Question Set AEM1200 Spring...

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