AEM1200-0221Q - Class M 2/21 Question Set AEM1200 Spring...

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Class M 2/21 Question Set AEM1200 Spring 2011 Pedro David Pérez 1. Operations management is a function that is concerned with the production of both goods and services a. True b. False 2. Which of the following is not part of operations management? a. Facility location b. Inventory management c. Production scheduling d. Quality control e. Supply chain management 3. The concept of __________ suggests that as a firm produces more, the average cost of goods produced goes down. a. Competitive advantage b. Economic growth c. Economies of scale d. Economies of scope e. Efficiency 4. The traditional manifestation of mass production was to a. Produce goods of the highest possible quality b. Give producers the maximum flexibility to respond to customer preferences c. Make large quantities of a limited variety of products at very low cost d. Give workers more control over their work environment e. Use general purpose machinery and skilled artisans 5. In manufacturing, a __________ is frequently used in operations that serve different customer’s different needs a. Assembly line b. Fixed-position layout c. Job shop layout d. Mass production approach e. Process plant 6. One of the beneficial effects of ________ is a reduction of the cost of holding too much inventory a. ABC inventory management b. First-in, last-out inventory control c. Implementing bar code and RFID technologies d. Just-in-case inventory control e. Just-in-time inventory control 7. According to the TQM philosophy, what should be a company's primary goal? a. Benchmarking b. Continuous improvement c. Customer focus and satisfaction d. Just-in-time e. Teamwork
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Class M 2/21 Question Set AEM1200 Spring 2011 Pedro David Pérez 8. Operations managers at Alumax Corporation have found that they can achieve efficient production only by producing very large quantities of aluminum without shutting down the production process. This indicates that Alumax should use a(n) ________ production process. a. Craft production b. Assembly line c. Continuous flow d. PERT/CPM e. MRP 9. Which of the following pricing strategies requires, to succeed in the long term, the most efficient use of economies of scale? a. Cost plus b. Everyday low price c. High – low d. Penetration e. Skimming 10. The choice of production technique for responding precisely to customer needs is a. Craft production b. Mass production in assembly line c. Mass production in process plants 11. Total quality management techniques can reduce the amount of labor used in the production
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AEM1200-0221Q - Class M 2/21 Question Set AEM1200 Spring...

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