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n - Sleep Eat& Exercise Activity Reflection Assignment...

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Unformatted text preview: Sleep, Eat & Exercise: Activity Reflection Assignment 10/25/2011 11:13 pm afaf Bennani Name: This assignment is worth a total of 10 points. Instructions You were asked in your activity goal assignment to identify how you would keep track of your progress toward meeting your activity goal. Review the calendar or journal or whatever it was that you used to track your progress over the past week. Then answer the following questions. Be sure to carefully read and fully answer each question; some questions contain multiple components. Demonstrate critical thinking and effort in your answers. Write clearly; complete sentences, accurate spelling, and proper grammar and punctuation are expected. 1. What was the SMART activity goal that you set last week? (1/2 pt) work out everyday 30 min 2. How have you been doing? For example, have you met your goal most of the time, always, about half of the time, or never? (1/2 pt) Almost, half of the time I was working out. Instead of everyday, I was able to work out 3 times a week 3. What factors have impacted your progress positively? What has been working for you? (1 pt) Self satisfaction and rewarding myself from times to times by offering myself something sweet which I like. This has been working positively for me, feeling that I deserve my dessert for example. 4. Describe the role time management has played in working toward your activity goal. (1 pt) Time management played a big role in working toward my goal, setting a time in my schedule for working out and respect it is important. 1 5. Discuss the factors that have impacted your progress negatively. What has made it hard for you to meet this goal? Identify any challenges (situations or people) you’ve experienced. Then, describe at least one specific strategy that you could use to overcome each challenge. If appropriate, discuss how you might need to modify your goal if it was a bit too ambitious or unrealistic for your life. Alternately, if you’ve met your goal successfully throughout the past week, discuss how you will continue to maintain it and identify a new activity goal that you will work toward. (3 pts) My mood disorder and hard time in time management has made it hard to meet my goal. Also my hard busy engineering classes require a lot of time and commitment that sometimes I prefer doing homework than going to work out. To overcome this challenge, I should think of the positive effect of working out in my mood and put working out in my schedule and set a reminder to do so. I should commit to follow my schedule to be able to work out as planed. Half of the time, I met my goal, I will continue to maintain it by changing activities or joining zumba class that is more fun for me than doing the treadmill. And my new goal will be respecting the 30 min work out everyday no matter what and joining fitness class. 6. As you’ve been working toward your activity goal over the past week, how have your sleep patterns changed, if at all? Explain. (1 pt) They changed a little bit, I felt that I sleep better at night the days where I work out. 7. As you’ve been working toward your activity goal over the past week, how have your dietary intake patterns changed, if at all? Explain. (1 pt) I start eating a little healthier, nowing that I worked hard to lose a certain amount of calories I avoided as much as I can adding extra fat to my body that I don't need. 2 8. As you’ve been working toward your activity goal over the past week, how has your mood and stress level changed, if at all? Explain. (1 pt) My mood has been much stable and positive when I work out. Especially that I have a mood disorder, working out played a big role stabilizing my mood. 9. Think about what from the activity module was most meaningful to you. Consider messages or concepts that were really helpful or eye opening. First, generate a list of key words or expressions that come to mind. Then, write a bumper sticker slogan (i.e. short and to‐the‐point but impactful) providing advice to a fellow student. Feel free to be creative! (1 pt) The most important part of the activity module was how working out can impact your mood, stabilize it and give the person a more positive attitude. Knowing that I have a mood disorder, this was eye opening that I should really start putting working out in my schedule. I would definitely advice every student to manage their time and work out everyday if possible, this has a big impact on one's mood. 3 ...
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