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HW_2 - evaporative cooling towers for a 1000-MW nuclear...

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Homework 2 Due by 5:00 pm on 9/27/11 (in the wooden box outside 780R CivE) 1. Problem 1.12 in your book 2. A house has cracks in the basement floor through which radon is emitted into the house. The total volume of the house is 650 m 3 (assume that it is well mixed throughout). The radon source emits 250 pCi/s (pCi or picocuries, is a unit proportional to the amount of radon gas, and indicates the amount of radioactivity of the gas). Air inflow can be modeled is as a flow of clean air into the house of 722 m 3 /h, and the outflow is equal to inflow. (a) What is the steady-state concentration of radon (in pCi/L) in the house if radon is conservative? (b) What is the steady-state concentration of radon (in pCi/L) in the house if radon decays via a first-order reaction with a rate constant of 0.025 h -1 ? 3. Problem 1.14 in your book 4. Calculate the minimum rate at which make-up water from a river must to be pumped to
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Unformatted text preview: evaporative cooling towers for a 1000-MW nuclear power plant. The efficiency of the plant is 32 %, and all of the waste heat is assumed to be dissipated through evaporative cooling with no direct heat lost to the atmosphere. The make-up water reduces the temperature of the system by 15 °C. 5. Because CE3501 meets very early in the morning, you often set your coffee maker the night before to make 1 L of coffee. This morning you woke up and found that your coffee pot only contained a solid brown mess-all the water evaporated. Luckily, you have a very sophisticated coffee maker, and the readout tells you that the initial water temperature was 60 °F and the water vapor was then heated to 300 °F. Given the following information, what was the total amount of energy added to the water? Boiling point of water =212 °F Lvap-water (from 60 °F) = 1016 BTU/Ib Cwater vapor = 10 BTU/(Ib°F)...
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