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Unformatted text preview: Sleep, Eat & Exercise: Time Reflection Assignment 10/04/2011 11:47 pm Name: afaf bennani This assignment is worth a total of 10 points. Instructions Consider how closely you have followed your schedule over the past week, and then answer the following questions. Be sure to carefully read and fully answer each question; some questions contain multiple components. Demonstrate critical thinking and effort in your answers. Write clearly; complete sentences, accurate spelling, and proper grammar and punctuation are expected. 1. How have you been doing? For example, did you follow your schedule most of the time, always, about half of the time, or never? (1/2 pt) I have been doing not that good but better than before. I was following my schedule half of the time. 2. Was having a plan for how you would spend your time helpful to you? Explain your answer. (1/2 pt) Yes, having a plan helped me structure my time and being less stressed because i know when and where each task of my day has to be done and I know that I still have time for other tasks. 3. What, if anything, have you noticed with regards to your sleeping, eating, and physical activity patterns over the past week? For example, have any of them changed? Explain. (1 pt) My eating habits changed a bit, I started watching out what I eat and plan accordingly to bring my meal with me to school not to end up using vending machines. My sleeping habits are still irregular but much better with having a plan 1 4. What, if anything, have you noticed with regards to your mood and/or stress level over the past week? To what extent do you believe either of these was impacted by having a planned schedule? (1 pt) My mood and stress level went a little bit down, I definitely think that having a plan helped a lot in that because I dont have to stress about not getting done with my work since I have time planed for my homework even though I don't follow it fully but it still helps a lot. 5. Discuss any factors that have made it hard for you to follow your schedule. Identify any challenges (situations or people) you’ve experienced. Then, describe at least one specific strategy that you could use to overcome each challenge. (2 pts) Factors that made it hard for me to follow my schedule are my mental health, soemtimes I feel down and depressed which make me being in lack of motivation. To overcome this challenge, I would go to boynton mental health services and talk to my therapist and set my goal again and make some change to my schedule to catch up. Or sometimes, running into a friend who would invite me to join for a coffee or something else can make it difficult to follow my schedule. I could say no and set an other planned time to see my friend instead of finding myself behind in my schedule. 6. If/when you strayed from your schedule, was it for things that are in line with your key priorities? Explain why or why not. (1 pt) Yes, my major priorities were homework and school work. Being an engineering majors, homeworks and reading take the most of my time and school is my priority in life. It's such a big opportunity to study so far away of my country in good school that I have to do good or at least do my best. So yes, there were things such as school were that are my key prorities. 2 7. Discuss whether or not you might need to modify your schedule to be more in line with your key priorities, allow flexibility for the unexpected things in life, and ultimately help you cultivate a greater sense of balance. If so, describe the changes you might be able to make. (1 pt) Yes, I definitely need to make change in my schedule allowing flexibility, cause fifty per cent of the time, I do not follow my schedule, having some issues with focus and concentration, things take me more time than planned. So I will allow more time for some of my homework and I will spend less time with friends, less time cooking or doing laundry. 8. Life can be stressful, and there are a variety of ways to manage the stressful situations in our lives. Some of them are healthy and others not so healthy. What will do to help prevent or cope with stress in healthy ways throughout the rest of the semester? (1 pt) What could help me lower my stress are things such as exercising, talking to my therapist, talking to my family, eating something sweet I like, hanging with a good friend. 9. Identify a dimension of wellness that has been lacking attention in your life lately. Explain why you think it’s been lacking, and discuss what you will do over the next week to help enhance it. (Hint: refer back to the “Health & Wellness” lesson if necessary.) (1 pt) I was not working out last week neither eating really health because of time mangement and anxiety issue I have. I get to spend time more on TRYING to do homework and work than being balanced and taking time to prepare my meal or going to the gym 3 10. Think about what from the intro and balance modules was most meaningful to you. Consider messages or concepts that were really helpful or eye opening. First, generate a list of key words or expressions that come to mind. Then, write a bumper sticker slogan (i.e. short and to‐ the‐point but impactful) providing advice to a fellow student. Feel free to be creative! (1 pt) Being healthy is a matter of balance. In order to cope with stress and anxiety that could come across our lives, once should eat health 3 times a day, eat fresh, avoid junk food, exercise regularly and sleep in regular time. Time management is the key. Once should take care of his social, mental, emotional, physical health. It's all about balance between good health, regular sleep and time management. 4 ...
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