fsos - hold off; %Height above the t-axis of the second...

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% Vaibhav Vij % Lab Report 6 Exercise 1 t=(0:0.2:50); y=30-20*exp(-t/10); plot(t,y) %y tends to be 30 toward for large t %%%%%%%%%%%%%Exercise 2 t=(-2:0.2:2); y=(4./(2+exp(-2*t))); plot(t,y) %y tends to be 2 toward for large t %%%%%%%%%%%%%Exercise 3 t=(0:0.2:2*pi); y=(3*cos(3*t))+(5*sin(3*t)); plot(t,y) y2=(3*cos(3*t))-(5*sin(3*t)); hold on; plot(t,y, 'r:s'); plot(t,y2, 'b:p'); hold off; % amplitude=12; period of y1(t)=2 %%%%%%%%%%%%%Exercise 4 t=(0:0.2:20); x=(12*exp(0.3*t))-6*exp(-0.5*t); plot(x,t) %x tends to be infinity toward for large t %%%%%%%%%%%%%Exercise 5 t=(0:0.2:2*pi); y1=exp(-(0.3)*t).*(2*cos(2*t)+4*sin(2*t)); plot(t,y1) y2=exp(-(0.3)*t).*(2*cos(2*t)-4*sin(2*t)); hold on plot(t,y2, 'r:p'); plot(t,y1, 'b:s');
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Unformatted text preview: hold off; %Height above the t-axis of the second peak of the graph of y1(t) after t=0 is 1.2 %Since the amplitude of the graph is decreasing we can say its underdamped %The most noticeable difference between the graphs of y1(t) and y2(t) is their phase difference %The absolute maximum (approximately 3.8) of y1(t) is greater than the absolute maximum (approximately 3.3) % of y2(t) %%%%%%%%%%%%%Exercise 6 t=(0:0.2:10); x=exp(-t).*(2*cos(2*t)+4*sin(2*t)); plot(t,x) hold off plot(t,x) plot(x,t) t=linspace(0,10,1000); x=exp(-t).*(2*cos(2*t)+4*sin(2*t)); plot(t,x) %Amplitude of the second full vibration after t=0 is [(0.1+0.01)/2] i.e 0.055...
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This note was uploaded on 11/10/2011 for the course FSOS 1001 taught by Professor Mendenhall during the Fall '10 term at Minnesota.

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fsos - hold off; %Height above the t-axis of the second...

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