KAREN - Unlike jealousy infidelity is culturally defined...

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KAREN Connected to attachment styles. Anxious jealousy, WE ARE AFRAID THAT SOMEONE ELSE IS GOING TO  TAKE OUR PARTNAIR BECAUSE OF LOW SELFESTIME ABOUT  OURSELVES.  KAREEN IS JEALOUSY GOOD OR BAD A litlle jealousy can indicate caring for each other The problem arises when jealousy is a major characterisitic of a relationships I can not feel in a cage I need my space I need space 1+1=2 we don’t become 1 everyone need his space attachement style is a personality: Infidelity Infidelity is a breach of faith that can occur in a number of contexts.
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Unformatted text preview: Unlike jealousy, infidelity is culturally defined. What counts as infidelity changes between individuals and between cultures over time. For men the physical relationship cause more jealousy To avoid soften killers we should communivate all the time Go bac to the communication section Be himest with each other regarding feelings and threat Be honest with self and partner regarding hat you expect and deserve in an intimate relationship...
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