The City of the Dead

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Shaine Hartmann HIST 1019 Review Slam assignment—Cairo The City of the Dead: A History of Cairo’s Cemetery Communities by Jeffrey Nedoroscik gives an simple history lesson on the unique housing situation in Egypt’s most highly populated area. The exclusive tale about a community that was built upon a cemetery is geared toward the general public with no background knowledge on the subject necessary. To enhance points made in the book, Nedoroscik includes first-hand narratives from people who live in The City of the Dead. I think the book does a good job providing the reader with a better understand about life in the slums, reasons behind why this particular slum came into fruition, and why this slum is unique. The mix of history and personal stories is an interesting balance. In the book, Nedoroscik explains the unique mourning process and fascination with cemeteries in the Egyptian culture. Cemeteries were valued social and religious spaces that were a part of the daily lives of Egyptians. The specific cemetery explored in the book was also
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