Test II review - Test II (Genetics) Griffith, Avery and...

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Test II (Genetics) Griffith, Avery and Messelson-Stahl experiments- on paper DNA packaging (organization) steps- Nucleosome structure and composition- Chromatin with 8 histones (H2A, H2B, H3, H4) Enzymes involved in replication and their function- DnaA (Helicase)-unwinds DnaB and DnaC (SSBP)-hold DNA open Gyrase (topoisomerase)-eases supercoiling Primase-makes a primer that has a free 3-OH for poly 3 Dna polymerase III-works off primer to add base pairs Dna polymerase I-removes primer from lagging strand
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DNA ligase-glues lagging strand together Diagram to show replication fork, different components, leading and lagging strand direction- Components of plasmid and importance of selectable markers- Plasmid- an extrachromosomal double-stranded DNA molecule that replicates autonomously in bacterial cells Termination of transcription; different scenarios when terminator factor or sequence is mutated- Role of different IF (initiation factor) and EF (elongation factor)- How to design probes to screen a library for unknown gene-
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Test II review - Test II (Genetics) Griffith, Avery and...

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