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HW Set #1 Due 9/2/10 (at the beginning of class) Work the following problems from chapters 1 and 3 Chapter 1 24 Chapter 3 4, 6 Other problems. 1. In nuclear fusion atomic nuclei are combined. Examine the following reaction of two isotopes of hydrogen to make an isotope of helium. Deutrium ( 2 H) + Tritium ( 3 H) can “react” to form Helium-4 and a neutron. 1 2 H + 1 3 H 0 1 n + 2 4 He Find the masses of each of these to at least 10 significant figures (Table 19.1). Find the change in mass that accompanies this reaction and convert that mass change to an energy change using Einstein’s theory of relativity (E = mc 2 ). How much energy is released per mole of Helium? Compare this to covalent bond formation. The formation of molecular hydrogen H 2 from two atoms of hydrogen is 436 kJ mol -1 . What does this tell you about the “mass loss” in this reaction? 2. Metallic gold has a density of 19.3 g cm -3 . Using the atomic mass of gold, determine the “volume” of one gold atom. Use this to determine an atomic “radius”. Compare this
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