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Chest and Back Shoulders and Arms Legs and Back Standard Push-Ups Alternating Shoulder Press Balanced Lunges Calf Raise Squats Wide Front Pull-Ups Reverse Grip Chin-Ups Super Skaters Military Push-Ups Two-Arm Triceps Kickbacks Wall Squats (Seconds) Wide-Front Pull-Ups Reverse Grip Chin-Ups Deep Swimmer's Press Step Back Lunges Alternating Side Lunges Wide Fly Push-Ups Full Supination Concentration Curls Closed Grip Overhand Pull-Up Single-Leg Wall Squats Close Grip Overhand Pull-Ups Chair Dips Dead Lift Squats Switch Grip Pull-Ups Decline Push-Ups
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Unformatted text preview: Upright Rows Three-Way Lunges Sneaky Lunges Heavy Pants Static Arm Curls Reverse Grip Chin-Ups Chair Salutations Diamond Push-Ups Flip-Grip Twist Triceps Kickbacks Toe Row Iso Lunges Wide-Front Pull-Ups Lawnmowers Seated Two-Angle Shoulder Flyes Groucho Walk Calf-Raises Dive-Bomber Push-Ups Crouching Cohen Curls Close-Grip Overhead Pull-Ups 80-20 Selbers Speed Squats Back Flyes Lying-Down Triceps Extensions Switch Grip Pull-Ups In & Out Staight-Arm Shoulder Flyes Congdon Curls Side Tri-Raises...
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