quiz 3 - Quiz #3 Name: ______________________________ 1)...

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Unformatted text preview: Quiz #3 Name: ______________________________ 1) The peptide bond forms a) with dehydration b) upon addition of water c) can form between a cysteine and a disulfide d) can form between any two amino acids e) can only form between the c-terminal and n-terminal amino acid in a peptide f) a,c,d,e g) b.c.d.e h) a,d i) a,e 2) The folding of a protein proceeds by formation of: a) Single non-covalent bonds b) A collection of non-covalent bonds 3) Infectious misfolding of proteins can cause Prion diseases. T , F 4) Proteins usually fold into two forms, α-helix and β-sheet. Which is true about those forms? a) In the α-helix, hydrogen bonds form between the N-H in every peptide bond with the C=O in the fifth neighboring peptide bond. b) β-sheet can be parallel or antiparallel. c) Polypeptide strands of the β-sheet forms are held together by covalent bonds. 5) Small protein structure can be determined using NMR spectroscopy. T , F 6) Hemoglobin is an abundant protein in red blood cells, which : a) Consists of four different polypeptide chains b) Contains α and β subunits which are the sites where O 2 molecules are bound c) Contains four heme molecules, which are the sites where O 2 molecules are bound d) Non of the above e) All of the above 7) Which statement is true about collagen: a) It’s the most abundant protein in the body....
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quiz 3 - Quiz #3 Name: ______________________________ 1)...

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