quiz 9 - Quiz 9 1 Precursor forms of proteins sometimes...

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Quiz 9 1) Precursor forms of proteins, sometimes called “pro” forms, provide proteins with several functional advantages. Which one of the following best describes one of those advantages? a) Pro-forms do not require chaperone proteins for folding. b) Pro-forms do not require all the 20 amino acids to be synthesized in cells. c) Pro-forms are more readily removed from cells by proteolytic digestion. d) Pro-forms can be stored in a deactivated state for future use. 2) Protein folding is a much more rapid process than would be predicted for a random search of all possible amino acid interactions and conformations. Which one of the following is the best explanation for how the process occurs much more rapidly than a random process? a) Protein folding starts on the ribosome. b) Proteins bind metals and this is not considered in the random folding calculation. c) Protein folding proceeds by the simultaneous folding of many local segments into patterns and motifs. d) Many amino acids side chains are not part of the final folded structure; hence, only a few of the potential interactions need be considered. 3) The organelle that performs glycosylation of proteins and, in secretory cells, forms the point of divergence of the regulated and constitutive pathways of exocytosis is: a) Mitochondria b) Rough endoplasmic reticulum c) Smooth endoplasmic reticulum d) Lysosome e) Golgi 4) The ability of a vesicle to retrieve a specific type of soluble protein form the extracellular space requires: a) Integral membrane proteins that bind these soluble proteins. b)
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quiz 9 - Quiz 9 1 Precursor forms of proteins sometimes...

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