quiz 10 - Quiz 10 1) Which of the following protein...

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Quiz 10 1) Which of the following protein structures links to desmosomes and hemidesmosomes to strengthen epithelial cells against mechanical stress? a) microtubules b) intermediate filaments c) microfilaments d) all of the above 2) Taxol has proven to be an effective drug in the treatment of certain breast and ovarian cancers. Which one of the following best describes Taxol’s effect on the cytoskeleton? (Remember: In cancer, the cells divide rapidly and continuously bypassing normal control mechanisms that keep cell division in check.) a) Taxol promotes the stabilization of focal contacts. b) Taxol promotes the formation of desmosomes. c) Taxol blocks the nuclear import of oncogenic transcription factors. d) Taxol stabilizes microtubules and inhibits mitosis. 3) Which of the following statements best describes the process of dynamic instability? a) Microtubules elongate by the net addition of tubulin-GTP subunits to their plus ends. Microtubules shorten when GTP hydrolysis “catches up” with the plus end of the microtubule, creating an unstable tubulin-GDP cap that undergoes catastrophe. b) Dynamic instability is achieved by the addition of tubulin-GTP subunits at the plus ends of the microtubules and the release of tubulin-GDP from the minus ends of the microtubule. c)
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quiz 10 - Quiz 10 1) Which of the following protein...

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