Lecture 1 - greater than or equal to another In other words...

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9/6/2010 1 Lecture 1: Introduction BMEn 2401 Programming for Biomedical Engineers Rich Beck September 7, 2010 1 Paperwork Reminder: Create your CSE (formerly IT) Labs account http://cselabs.umn.edu/accounts Syllabus Why do you need to take BMEN 2401? Computer programming has made design and analysis a lot easier for engineers. It is part of the degree program for BMEN and you have to take it to finish your degree! 2 Midterm Location: 2-620 Moos Tower 207 seat auditorium 3
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9/6/2010 2 What is a Computer Program? “Set of ordered instructions that enable a computer to carry out a specific task. A program is prepared by first formulating the task and then expressing it in an appropriate programming language…” (Answers.com) Example: Medical Device 4 Test Yourself (2 min) Assume that you have the ability to give instructions to the computer to compare multiple numbers and find out if one is
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Unformatted text preview: greater than or equal to another. In other words, you can check if a ≥ b or not. Write a sequence of instructions to find the maximum of three numbers ( a , b , and c ) using this feature. 5 6 9/6/2010 3 The ‘What’ and ‘Why’ of MATLAB • MATLAB – Short for matrix laboratory • Easy to learn as a first programming language • Excellent for linear algebra, numerical analysis, and image processing – Large data sets – Repeated calculations 7 MATLAB Editor • M-file → MATLAB Programming File • M-files are generated in MATLAB editor • To create an M-file – Launch MATLAB – File → New → M-file • To run your program – Debug → Save file and Run 8 Next Lecture • First Steps in writing MATLAB programs: – Using comments, variables, and operators 9...
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Lecture 1 - greater than or equal to another In other words...

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