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Discussion Question 1 - Due Day 2 - Tuesday What qualifies as an emotional disorder? Explain which emotional disorders are most common in children. How might these emotional disorders impact a child's development and learning? An emotional issue can be a feeling which impedes with the normal day after day task of existence. The emotional problems which are most popular in youngsters tend to be depressive disorders, anxiety problem, and conduct disorder. In depressive disorders, individuals have an inclination to drop attention with their regular routines, such as school. This decrease of focus in class can impact a child’s grades. Anxiety problem will cause people to agonize regarding matters extremely. This may involve if your children gets very anxious about an examination and fears very much about if they are able to complete or flunk the exam. This happens possibly prior to the exam. It is indeed my very own idea that people who are struggling from anxiety problem want to become the top in anything these people try to
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48177096-AED202-AED-202-Week-7-DQs - Discussion Question 1...

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