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Capstone Discussion Question 1 - Due Day 3 - Pursuing a profession in which you will be an integral part of a child’s development is a very important decision. Discuss what led you to make this decision and what you envision for the remainder of your academic career as well as the beginning of your professional career.
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I want to become a teacher because I feel that it is imperative that every child receive the best possible education they can. Also, I want to learn how to effectively become an important part in children’s lives and begin to develop the skills necessary to guide children through stressful situations so that when I become a parent I will be more prepared. Teaching or helping a child in need is one of the greatest achievements an adult can make, and if anyone can help only one child, all that work would be more than worth the effort. I would want to give my students what they require and deserve: a role model to look up to, someone to talk to about personal as well as academic
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Unformatted text preview: issues, and an understanding, comforting and supportive teacher. I have seen how some teachers just don’t care about their students and I don’t believe that a child can learn when he/she isn’t cared for. I would want to be the teacher that gives their all both in terms of teaching material and in caring for each individual students needs. I want them to be able to look back, years from now, and remember what a great teacher I was. Knowing that I was being remembered for being a good person as well as a good teacher would make me happy. I would take the most pride in finding out, somewhere in the future, that one of my students had taken what I had taught them, and passed it on to someone else. As fulfilling as being a teacher would be, I would also appreciate the schedules that teachers have and the time I have off I would use for vacation, spending time with my family and working towards other personal goals that I have set for myself....
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48177046-AED202-AED-202-Capstone-Discussion-Question -...

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