10 Communication, Conflict, & Emotional Management - part 2

10 Communication, Conflict, & Emotional Management - part 2

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Unformatted text preview: Communication, Conflict, & Emotional Management Management Part 2 Gender Differences in Communication Communication Pursuit-withdrawal pattern Flooding & Physiological __________ in the brain Differences in __________ Prevention Women – Women Men – Men The Role of Humor and Communication Communication Campbell & colleagues (2008) 2 types of humor Results – Results Emotional Management Emotional Emotional Dysregulation Neuropsychology Brain Brain Ex. Simple housework disagreement Ex. Unhappy couples unable to manage their Unhappy Primary _______ Secondary ________ – Secondary Emotional Management Emotional Steps to Emotional Regulation 1. Being ______ 2. Accepting and _________ 3. Practice: Practice: Self-______ Practice: Resources Resources Fighting for Your Marriage. A Lasting Promise. ...
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