30 - uncut version - C H A P T E R . 30, uncut version They...

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C H A P T E R . 30, uncut version They drove in silence as Seung Hyun took them to the shore. With their hands clasped together, Yoo Bin leaned her head back against the headrest and smiled. She had never felt freer than at that moment. With the windows rolled down, the wind blowing in her face, she knew that whatever happened in the future, she would create memories with Seung Hyun on the island; memories that she will take with her. When they reached the shore, before they walked to the docks, Seung Hyun reached for Yoo Bin’s hand and led her towards the shops that lined the shore. He stopped in front of a small grocery store and turned to Yoo Bin with a smile. “I thought perhaps we should eat something fancier than spaghetti for dinner. Is that fine?” She leaned over and whispered, “If you do the cooking, then it’s fine.” “Hey, no fair!” Seung Hyun protested. Yoo Bin laughed as she pulled him inside. “Kidding,” she replied. They quickly shopped for what they needed for dinner, and then they carried their groceries to the dock. After they loaded Seung Hyun’s motorboat, they were on their way. As they moved further away from the dock, Seung Hyun turned to Yoo Bin and reached out for her. Yoo Bin walked over to him, wrapping her arms around his waist as he maneuvered the boat with one hand, his other hand around her shoulders. “This is…nice,” Yoo Bin whispered as a breeze caressed her cheeks, carrying the scent of Seung Hyun along with it. Yoo Bin looked up and studied his profile, his perfectly chiseled jaw line, his prominent nose, and his soft lips. Sensing her eyes on him, Seung Hyun turned to her and smiled. He lowered his head and gave her a slow, probing kiss. Yoo Bin’s hands curled around his shirt as she reluctantly pulled back. “You’d better concentrate on the boat before we crash,” she said with an unsteady laugh. “You’re a big distraction to me,” he teased as he pulled her to him. Yoo Bin smiled, feeling content, as she snuggled closer. The moment was perfect and she wasn’t going to allow reality to ruin it. The rest of the ride was conducted in amicable silence, with a few light conversations. They were both aware of the tension between them. However, it wasn’t a straining or stressful tension. The electrifying tension between them was rather exhilarating. Once they reached the small dock on Seung Hyun’s private island, he helped her from the boat. Together, they walked along the dock with the groceries. The sun kissed their wind-strewn hair as they walked on the sandy beach, making their way towards the villa. With a mischievous smile, Yoo Bin turned to Seung Hyun and asked, “Can you hold this? I want to take off my shoes.” He nodded and reached for the grocery bag she was holding, in addition to the two in his hands. Yoo Bin bent down and took off her sandals, then she shouted, “Race you!” and sprinted off towards the villa. Laughing in glee, Yoo Bin ran forward, as fast as her legs would take her. She didn’t dare turn back, for fear that
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30 - uncut version - C H A P T E R . 30, uncut version They...

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