08 Dating & Mate Selection

08 dating amp mate selection

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Unformatted text preview: Announcements Announcements ► April – HDF 355 w/ Dr. Lisa Neff ► Exam GO to Office Hrs! Dating & Mate Selection Part 1 Part 1 Overview Overview ► Dating & Mate Selection Terminology Theories of Mate Selection Cohabitation Gay & Lesbian Relationships Terminology of Participants Terminology of Participants ► Short­term ► Long­term Terminology of Researchers Terminology of Researchers ► 3 terms Dating Courtship Mate selection Terminology: Dating Terminology: Dating ► What is dating? Processes, properties, and factors that define Processes, romantic heterosexual or homosexual relationships relationships Meeting people socially for possible mate selection Terminology: Courtship Terminology: Courtship ► What is courtship? The process through which romantic partners try to get to know one another and develop a mutual commitment to marry. Studying process through which partners make a mutual agreement Terminology: Mate selection Terminology: Mate selection ► What is mate selection? Processes by which individuals choose their Processes heterosexual or homosexual romantic partners and factors that predict whether relationships will progress, maintain, or dissolve over time. Involves Involves Partner’s choice Developmental progression Developmental Terminology Terminology ► Insiders Perspective Problems with agreement ►Ask you to describe couples, their relationship. When you decide how to label relationship. ► vs. Outsiders Perspective Involved in study, researcher put label on relationship, researcher’s perspective Theories of Mate Selection Theories of Mate Selection ► Filter Theory Homogamy­ dating/married someone within own social group (vs Heterogamy) Propinquity Filter Geographical closeness, proximity, more likely to pair up with someone who is close in dista...
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