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Unformatted text preview: nce Physical Attractiveness Filter Social Filter ► Review textbook Social Exchange Theory Equity Theory Cohabitation Cohabitation ► Who cohabits? When? ► Why do couples cohabit? ► Problems with research on cohabitation ► Should I live with my partner before we get married? Who cohabits? When? Who cohabits? When? ► 9% ­ currently cohabiting (vs. < 50%) ► People between ages 25­44 are most likely age group to cohabit 20% of cohabiters are 24yrs or younger ► 5% of cohabiters are age 65 or older ► 40% of cohabiters have children under 18 in home 6% of children under 18 living with cohaibiting parent ► Increase in number of cohabitors ­40 yrs Who cohabits? When? Who cohabits? When? ► 50­65% of recent marriages are preceded by cohabitation ► Cohabitation is usually short­lived Within 1 to 1.5 years, more than half of cohabiting couples have either married or broken­up However, 40% of cohabiters still cohabiting 5­7 years later Depends on cohabitation type/reason Who cohabits? When? Who cohabits? When? ► More likely than married couples to be multiracial ► Less educated, lower wages, lower SES (edu, wage, profession, neighborhood) Curvilinear pattern for women Women who have lowest level of edu and SES and Women who have highest edu and SES More likely to be cohabiting ► Less traditional (more liberal) and lower religiousity ► Women, but not men, who value their careers More likely to have first union in cohabitation than in marriage ► Children of divorce – more likely to cohabit Reasons why couples cohabit: Reasons why couples cohabit: ► Alternative to marriage ► Trial marriage or testi...
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