Heat in New Hampshire

Heat in New Hampshire - Jane Waterfall Run Granny Run film...

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Jane Waterfall Run Granny Run film review 3/6/2008 Heat in New Hampshire Americans love the triumph of the underdog and Granny D. Haddock certainly fits this profile. She entered the 2004 U.S. Senate election for New Hampshire at the ripe old age of 94 years. With only four months until Election Day, she had the courage to take on an extraordinary challenge. Her opponent, Judd Gregg, had been elected as governor and as a Senator twice in New Hampshire. “Granny D” as her fans call her, began her political crusade with only her ideals, hopes, and son’s loyalty. With a bit of name recognition from her previous political caveats and a video camera documenting her every move, Granny D exceeded even her supporter’s expectations. Ms. Marlo Poras’ surprisingly comic documentary on Granny D’s struggle reflects insights into American politics, while telling the endearing story of a hopelessly charming elderly lady. Granny D. Haddock was not only the unexpected star of the documentary, but also her story’s narrator. She describes heart break when she recounts, “When I turned 89, death came; Death took my husband and then my best friend and I thought I was next.” But her life was far from over. She desperately needed a reason to survive, “and [she] found that reason- it was [her]
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Heat in New Hampshire - Jane Waterfall Run Granny Run film...

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