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AC202 Corrected Quiz 4

AC202 Corrected Quiz 4 - 100/100 AC 202 Principles of...

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100/100 AC 202 Principles of Accounting II Name______Jered Havens ______________ Park University Quiz 4A-Chapter 18 Multiple Choice Questions ( 10 points each ) Select the ONE, BEST Answer 1. Managerial accounting is different from financial accounting in that A. Managerial accounting is more focused on the organization as a whole and financial accounting is more focused on subdivisions of the organization. B. Managerial accounting never includes nonmonetary information. C. Managerial accounting includes many projections and estimates whereas financial accounting has a minimum of predictions. D. Managerial accounting is used extensively by investors, whereas financial accounting is used only by creditors. E. Managerial accounting is mainly used to set stock prices. 1
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2. Labor costs that are clearly associated with specific units or batches of product because the labor is used to convert raw materials into finished products called are:
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