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Engr 201 Prelab - multiplying the value in miles per hour...

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Pre-lab: 20’’ 26’’ 27’’ 5(mph) 84rpms 65 rpms 62 rpms 10(mph) 168 rpms 129 rpms 124 rpms 15(mph) 252 rpms 194 rpms 187 rpms 20(mph) 336 rpms 258 rpms 249 rpms 25(mph) 420 rpms 323 rpms 311 rpms 30(mph) 504 rpms 388 rpms 373 rpms 35(mph) 588 rpms 452 rpms 436 rpms 40(mph) 672 rpms 517 rpms 498 rpms Karl Schemmer Find out the conference of each wheel. Using the equation C=2*Pi*r, where r is radius of the wheel. Next step is to convert miles per hour to feet per minute, This is done by
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Unformatted text preview: multiplying the value in miles per hour by 1hour/60 minutes, the miles is converted to feet by multiplying by the ratio of 5280feet/mile, this gives us a value of speed in feet per minute. This value is converted to rotations per minute by dividing the speed in feet per minute by the circumference which is measured in rotations per foot, the feet cancel leaving rotations per minute....
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