Engr 231 Prelab Writeup

Engr 231 Prelab Writeup - z=sampleFunction(3) Results Use...

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z = 11 Lab ## Prelab - myName, myLabSection, date Contents c Problem Statement c Solution Code c Results c Conclusion c Function - sampleFunction Problem Statement In the first cell you should clearly write out a few sentences saying what it is we are asking you to do. Be very specific with what you say, however you shouldn't need any more than 3-5 sentences. There should be no code within this section. In this example here, we're going to plot a simple equation, y = x^2. Solution Code Use as many cells as are required here to solve the problem being asked. You should have a small blurb (about 3-5 sentences) like this one before each section describing what it is you're doing in each section. Your code and comments should be located directly underneath each blurb. MAKE SURE YOU SUPPRESS ANY UNNECESSARY OUTPUTS!! x = -5:0.05:5; y = x.^2;
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Unformatted text preview: z=sampleFunction(3) Results Use as many cells as required to display your results (i.e. plots and etc). plot(x,y) grid on , xlabel( 'x' ),ylabel( 'y = x^2' ), title( 'Sample Prelab Results' ) function y = sampleFunction(x) y = 2*x+5; Conclusion Place a final cell that describes your solution. This should again be about 3-5 sentences and DESCRIBE THE SIGNIFICANCE of everything that you've done (i.e. what it all means) Function - sampleFunction If you have any functions relating to your prelab, add a section below for each one. You should give about 1-2 sentences describing what the function does in terms of its inputs and outputs. After explaining, type the command 'type functionNAME' and the contents of the function will be displayed. type sampleFunction Published with MATLABĀ® 7.11...
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Engr 231 Prelab Writeup - z=sampleFunction(3) Results Use...

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