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Engr231Lab1 - Drexel University ENGR 231 Linear Engineering...

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Drexel University - ENGR 231 Linear Engineering Systems, Fall 2011 Copyright 2007 - 2011, Oleh Tretiak and Donald Bucci, Drexel University 1 Lab 1: Introduction to MATLAB™ Course Goals. The goal of this course (ENGR 231) and the following course (ENGR 232) is to learn concepts of linear algebra and differential equations, and to use them for mathematical modeling and analysis of engineering systems. MATLAB™ software will be used to illustrate concepts in and to solve complex problems. In parallel, we will learn a substantial portion of the MATLAB™ language, and use MATLAB to graphically illustrate problem solutions. About MATLAB. MATLAB™ is a software system used in many areas of engineering and science. It is a large and complex package that is constantly evolving. It finds application in modeling, design, manufacturing, computer graphics, and health care, to mention just a few areas. MATLAB is similar to Maple™, but MATLAB performs numeric (floating point) rather than symbolic operations and is geared towards matrix computations. MATLAB also has a collection of toolboxes (e.g. image and signal processing, control theory, bioinformatics, and simulation for Mechanics and Biology) that are useful for many application areas. The MATLAB software is available to students on the Drexel software distribution site, where both Windows and Macintosh versions are available. https://software.drexel.edu Please see the consultants in the Korman building if you need help installing it on your computer. This course will primarily focus on MATLAB. However, Maple may also be used to solve some of the problems, especially ones involving symbolic calculations. Lab Procedures . 1. Students are required to bring the textbook and a printed copy of the lab instructions. 2. Prior to coming to lab, students are required to complete the pre-lab exercises and to submit them prior to the start of the recitation. (There will be no pre-lab exercise during the first week and the weeks of lab exams). 3. There will be two in-lab exams, during the fifth and tenth week of the term. 4. In the lab students may work as teams of two individuals, or may do the lab alone. However, each team member must understand the solution and must be able to explain it to an instructor. 5. Lab results will be monitored with a LAB VERIFICATION sheet (see the back of the document). Throughout the lab there are points at which the team is required to show the computer results to an instructor who will initial the appropriate point on the verification sheet. 6. The verification sheet must be submitted to an instructor at the end of the lab. Members of a team must submit individual verification sheets. Goals for Lab 1. The aim of this lab is to learn the following aspects of MATLAB: 1. Basic mathematical operations, the COMMAND window, 2. Some mathematical functions and the HELP facility, 3. Array operations, 4. Row reduction to solve systems of linear equations
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Drexel University - ENGR 231 Linear Engineering Systems, Fall 2011 Copyright 2007 - 2011, Oleh Tretiak and Donald Bucci, Drexel University 2 Lab 1, Part 1. Basic mathematical operations.
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