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Unformatted text preview: Drexel University ENGR 231 Linear Engineering Systems Syllabus Fall 2011 Lecturer: Office hours listed on the website Dr. Oleh Tretiak Bossone 610 215 895 2214 [email protected] Recitation Instructors: Office hours listed on the web site. Dr. P. M. Shankar Dr. Christopher Peters Bossone 311 Bossone 512 215 895 6632 215 895 6604 [email protected] [email protected] Dr. Gail Rosen Dr. Lazar Trachtenberg Bossone 403 Bossone 111 215 895 0400 215 ­895 ­2282 [email protected] [email protected] Teaching Assistants: Office hours listed on the web site. Zhongchuan Zhang Christopher Lester [email protected] [email protected] David Delaine Feiu Xiong [email protected] [email protected] Sandeep Acharya Gregory Ditzler [email protected] [email protected] Text: David C. Lay, Linear Algebra and its applications, 4rd Edition. Addison ­Wesley, Reference: Amos Gilat, MATLAB: An Introduction with Applications, 3rd Edition, John Wiley Grading • Two written exams: 15% each • Two lab exams: 10% each • Homework Assignments: 10% • Class performance: 5% • Labs: 10% • Final: 25% ENGR 231 Fall 2011 ­12 General Course Policies (1) All academic policies found at http://www.drexel.edu/provost/policies/ will be strictly followed. (2) Bb Vista will be used for course communications, material distribution, and grade distribution. Please check your grades often and carefully. If you want to dispute any grade, it MUST be done within one week after the return of the homework or exam. Statute of Limitations: After the one week, no grade changes will be made. See your recitation instructor or teaching assistant for grade changes. (3) The overall grade will be a weighted sum of the components listed above. No components will be curved. (4) There will be no make ­up exams/quizzes unless arrangements are made at least one week in advance of the exam/quiz date, or because of documented emergencies. A valid excuse must be presented to an instructor. (5) Homework assignments will be due in the regularly scheduled recitation one week after they were assigned. Late homework will not be accepted, except with prior arrangement or because of a documented emergency. Collaboration is permitted and encouraged on homework problems, but each student must hand in their own work. No photocopies! (7) TA office hours will be held every Tuesday and Thursday with locations posted on Bb Vista. Students can come in during this time to meet with TAs/Professors for any questions/doubts. In addition, professor's office hours will be posted on the course web site. (8) Students in the Honors Program may get honors credit by completing a project. Please see your recitation instructor by the end of the second week of the term. Lab/Recitation Policies (1) Your weekly meeting will consist of two portions: a recitation and a lab, of equal duration. 2. The policies for the lab portion have been posted online in the Lab folder on Bb Vista. IT IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY TO GO OVER THESE POLICIES AND BE FAMILIAR WITH THEM BEFORE YOUR FIRST LAB/RECITATION SECTION! 3. Several problems will be posted on the web site prior to recitation. During the recitation portion students will be selected to present solution to these problem at the board. These presentations will be graded and these grades will determine the class performance part of the final grade. (6) Recitations and labs will be held every week, including the first week. The locations for recitation sections are posted on master schedule. Verification during recitation sections will be done using verification sheets. Recitation will be held during the first week of class. While students can work in groups during the lab sessions, verification is based on individual performance. ENGR 231 Fall 2011 ­12 Topic Coverage Module Linear Equations and Modeling Matrices and Linear Transformations Least Squares and Orthogonality Review Week 1 ­3 4 ­7 8 ­9 10 Topics and Book Sections Linear equations, row reduction (1.1, 1.2) Vector equations, matrices (1.3, 1.4) Solutions of linear equations, linear Independence (1.5, 1.7) Matrix Operations (2.1) Inverse of a Matrix (2.2) Introduction to computer graphics (2.7) Determinants (3.1) Volumes (3.3) Linear transformations (3.3) Linearly Independent Sets (4.4) Inner product, length (6.1), Orthogonal sets (6.2), Least squares problems (6.5), Linear models (6.6) Review ENGR 231 Fall 2011 ­12 Lab Coverage Row reduction, Matrix manipulation, Parametric solutions Computer Graphics Computer Animation Linear Applications Curve fitting ...
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