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Anthony Reyes FIQWS 10026 T-Chart for Advertisements Watch Advertisement Contains a father and son situation. Happiness is shown within the train or vehicle they are in. 2 views of the product Contains the name of the product Number/website for more information of the product Catchy quotes It looks naturally toned and shaded Close up view of product Watch is in use Not that much text on the actual ad Watch is on the bottom right hand corner Different emotional intentions Luxurious life style Simple layout of the add Camry Advertisement 4 different views of the Camry Depict the technology that is
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Unformatted text preview: being used with the product • Examples of how the technology is being used • Dynamic and bold shading • Texts contain textured backgrounds • Rhetorical devices used • Catchy quote • The motorcycle is also in it • Shading looks exaggerated • Visual movement that makes you wan to look at the entire add • Detailed pictures throughout the add • Multiple views of the vehicle • Name of the product sticks out • Fine print information • There’s a website for more information • Main picture is centered • 6 pictures used...
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