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Biostatistics 510 Final Project Winter 2010 Due by Wed, April 21, 4:00 p.m. Instructions : For the final project, you will use both SAS and SPSS to answer questions about data taken from the Tecumseh Community Health Study. You will create commands to analyze all questions using both SAS and SPSS. Check each question carefully to see which program's output is requested for that question . Your final project is worth a total of 250 points, 21% of the grade for the course. The point breakdown is shown below. What to include: Please include the following items in your project , in the order shown below : 1. (5 points) Title Page . Include a separate sheet with your name, e-mail address, and the date. Include your signed name, and a statement that you worked independently on this project . 2. ( 100 points) Printout of command files ( 50 points each for the SAS and SPSS command file printouts). You will be graded on correct syntax. Include all commands used for SAS and SPSS to get the results for your project. Use a font size 10 or greater for the printouts of the command files. These command files should immediately follow the title page. 3. (100 points) Project Summary : Write-up of Results, computer output and discussion. Include any requested output , and an interpretation of the results for each question, plus discussion that you feel would be helpful. Make sure your responses are complete and concise . Include only requested computer output and output that is necessary to interpret your results, along with your discussion of each question. Do not include all computer output produced. Use at least font size 12 for the written portions of your project summary write- up. Place the project summary after your command file printouts. Please make sure that any computer output is well-integrated into your project summary. **Do not hand in output separately from your project summary. I'll have your commands, so I can generate any additional output that I may need if necessary. o Make sure the page-breaks are in sensible places, so that all output is clearly visible. 1
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o You may have to adjust the margins of your document, or modify the size of some of the computer output, to make the output appear clear. o Use a font size of 8 for your SAS output. o Do not include any weird-looking SAS or SPSS output. 4. (45 points) A thumb drive or CD containing your command files in SAS and SPSS, plus your raw data file . Label the thumb drive or CD with your name and your unique name printed clearly. (5 pts) Include your raw data file on the diskette. Use the same name for your raw data as it is on my web page. o For example, if your unique name were jansmith, your raw data file would be jansmith.dat – don't rename your raw data file. (5 pts) Your SAS command file.
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revised_final_project_2010 - Biostatistics 510 Final...

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