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Jordan Strassner Anthro 2 Movie Notes 10/7/11 Woman lives with a typical white family six months The woman studies what the white family does every does o Father goes to work during the day o Mother stays at home to take care of the house o Kids spend the day at school o Get together at the end of the day for dinner Many of the white people live in the streets Government tries to figure out how to understand white people Woman finds that white family ties are very strong They put their elderly in a home that is rarely visited She goes to old building to see how the elderly live Lack of decoration doesn’t hint at the huge sums of money that is present in the white community Desire for betting success is mistaken for common prayers White people were discovered in Barbikiureria 200 years ago o White people are unaware that the anniversary is being celebrated Government wants to bulldoze the modern highways to plant vegetation in order to show
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