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Jordan Strassner Anthro 2 Movie Notes 10/21/11 This economic crisis is not a financial crisis The crisis comes out of the entire economic system of the United States The recent crisis is being compared to the Great Depression of the 1930s In 1989, Japan went through a depression that they have still have not recovered from The American worker has enjoyed wage increases every decade since the beginning of the 1900s American exceptionalism – the notion that there is something unique and special about the country We are the society of consumption and we have a rising standard of consumption As real wages increased, worker output increased as well because there was greater incentives with greater wages In the 1970s, real wages stopped growing and have still not changed since Wages stopped going up because: o We had a stunning technical change that caused people to lose their jobs when the computer was invented o American businesses discovered that a pleasant period of time had come to an end
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