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Movie Notes 11-4-11

Movie Notes 11-4-11 - Jordan Strassner Anthro 2 Movie Notes...

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Jordan Strassner Anthro 2 Movie Notes 11/4/11 Kawelka – tribe in Papua New Guinea Ongka is the leader of the Kawelka tribe Moka – gifts that are given with the expectation that the favor would be returned Ongka wanted to give the biggest moka ever given to gain status in the community Ongka wants everyone to help him get pigs ready for the moka instead of wasting time doing other things Kawelka is a tribe of about one thousand people Ongka travelled to each community to see the progress of raising the pigs for the big moka Ongka has four wives and nine children Ongka says that pigs are the only worthwhile thing in life and they keep everything in the community going Basic food among pigs and people are sweet potatoes If you want to marry and have status then you have to have pigs One person cannot have too many pigs because it is too hard for one person to take care of too many of them
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