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Notes 9-26-11 - natural resources, agriculture, etc.),...

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Notes 9/26/11 Anthropology – unified vision of human life: biology, society, culture o Universals and particulars o Question the assumptions o Reflect upon our own society Ethnography – participation in and study of the daily life of other people o To understand what is “taken for granted” Ethnographic techniques o Observation and participation o Conversation and interviews o Archives and documents o Field journal Anthropologists study the daily life and culture of other places, communities, civilizations Anthropologists work in development industry (NGOs, banks), governments (work on
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Unformatted text preview: natural resources, agriculture, etc.), universities, business • Course themes o Relativism – suspend our judgment, learn to evaluate people and understand why they do things differently o Conditions – we all operate within conditions (political conditions), link these conditions with the rest of the world o Modernity – refers to the particular social concept of how the world has lived over the last few centuries...
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