Notes 9-28-11

Notes 9-28-11 - • Archeology o Artifacts o Deposition o...

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Notes 9-27-11 Four fields – physical/biological anthropology, archeology, linguistics, social/cultural anthropology Humans in time and space o Anatomically modern humans – 200,000 years o Agriculture – 10,000 years o Complex societies – 6,000 years o Industrial revolution – 200 years o Computers – 50 years o Genetic engineering – 20 years Four field approach o Carried over from the early years of the discipline o Helps us make sound conclusions about “human nature” o Comparative method o (Pre) Historical perspective Physical anthropology o Human biological diversity Evolution of bodies Genetics plasticity Primatology o Reconstruct cultural/social aspects of human evolution
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Unformatted text preview: • Archeology o Artifacts o Deposition o Stratigraphy o Preservation • Materiality of Archeology o Environment, Economy o Long-term social change o Social relations, ideas • Linguistics o Historical linguistics Ancient languages Variation through time o Sociolinguistics Relationships between social and linguistic variation • Social/Cultural Anthropology o Ethnography Fieldwork in a particular culture Descriptive Specific o Ethnology Cross cultural comparison Synthetic Based on already collected data...
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Notes 9-28-11 - • Archeology o Artifacts o Deposition o...

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