Notes 10-3-11

Notes 10-3-11 - o Bureaucracies o New concepts population...

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Notes 10/3/11 Modern Knowledge: statistics and geography Modernity o Popular usage: current, actual, up to date o Academic usage: society, economy and culture during the last three centuries Capitalism Nation states Industry / technology Colonialism Liberalism Bureaucracy Modern Knowledge o What kind of knowledge is required by these new modern social arrangements? Population (people and cultures) Territory (places) Resources (things) o “general useful knowledge” Holistic Statistics o Encyclopedic statistics (approx. . 1700-1840) Description, images o Enumerative statistics (1840-Present) Measurement o Description and measurement requires categories for people, places, things Encyclopedic Statistics o Encyclopedists “general useful knowledge” Enumerative statistics o 1820-1840: “avalanche of numbers”
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Unformatted text preview: o Bureaucracies o New concepts: population, curve, norm. • Encyclopedic Stats > Anthro o As statistics became enumerative, encyclopedic aspects formed into disciplines such as anthropology and geography o Peoples/places, places, things • Case Study: Antonio Garcia Cubas o 1861-1872, four surveys of Mexico o 1876: The Republic of Mexico o Encyclopedic Natural and human resources Place, people and culture o 1893: Mexico: Its trade, Industry and Resources Enumerative • Anthropologist Manuel Gamio o Mexican Revolution (1911-1920) o Criticized enumerative statistics Not enough about cultural “needs and aspirations” o Called for encyclopedic statistics “general, useful” knowledge...
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Notes 10-3-11 - o Bureaucracies o New concepts population...

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