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Notes 10-26-11

Notes 10-26-11 - o Colonial classification system o Each...

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Notes 10/26/11 Race, Prejudice, Discrimination South Africa during apartheid o Society organized to identify and separate “races” o Racial groups defined legally by courts o Racial groups separated geographically o Bantustans – homelands for native Africans during European colonization of Africa Apartheid o Many grey areas o Since 1994, apartheid no longer the legal form of government o Social inequality, segregation persists Mexico o Historically, Spaniards and Indians o Slavery in plantation zones o Mestizaje – mixing of Spanish and Indian race
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Unformatted text preview: o Colonial classification system o Each group had different rights and responsibilities o Status tied to racial identification o Castas system – different ways to mix the Spanish and Indian race o Racial categories ( castas ) not recognized officially after independence o Liberalism: everyone is a citizen o The categories live on in language and perception Moreno, prieto, guero, gene bonita o Income and Education – non indigenous people in Mexico are more successful than indigenous people...
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