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Notes 10-31-11

Notes 10-31-11 - o Chayanov Dependency Ratio...

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Notes 10/31/11 Family, Kinship, and Community Family and Kinship o Who is your “family”? o Who lives together? o Who shares what? o Biological or social relation? o FLEXIBLE, CULTURAL Descent o Ancestry: where do you come from? o Matrilineal and patrilineal o Inheritance and succession Modern Families o Nuclear family – parents and their children are the building blocks o Extended family – the family that goes beyond just the parents and children (ex. grandparents) o Nonfamily households, households with women living alone, and households with men living alone have been growing recently Peasant Families o Family is the unit of production and consumption
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Unformatted text preview: o Chayanov Dependency Ratio Consumers/workers • Marriage o Endogamy – marrying within your culture or group o Exogamy – marrying outside your culture or group o Residency o Defined in terms of property, offspring, political relations _____________________________________________________________________________ _ Section Notes • Matrilineal – trace lineage through mother; patrilineal – trace lineage through father • Matrilocal – residence pattern of mother’s side; patrilocal – residence patter of father’s side...
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