Notes 11-2-11

Notes 11-2-11 - o Eric Wolf: no internal essence o...

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Notes 11/2/11 Community and Stratification “Community”: Popular Concept o Small groups within societies that are seen to share some essence o North America: Ethnic groups o Latin America: Rural villages Indigenous or post-indigenous o Raymond Williams, keywords : Actual groups Opposed to “society” Always seems to be a positive term Community Studies o Anthropology of peasant communities 1930-1970 Groups of rural producers within complex societies Towns and villages Not a “traditional” focus of anthropology o Social organization of towns and villages in Latin America Closed to outsiders o Economy, politics, kinship, religion all seen to strengthen “community” o Individual obligations: tequio, fiestas The “Closed Corporate Community” in Mexico
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Unformatted text preview: o Eric Wolf: no internal essence o Relational, historical What is politics? o Who makes decisions? Leadership o What kind of decisions? Conflicts o How and why are decisions made? Power and authority Politics and the Economy o Are not separate spheres o Must be considered together Social Differentiation o Egalitarian societies Access to material resources for all No one has power over others Balanced reciprocity o Rank societies Formal differences among individuals in prestige Access for all to material resources (kinship) Redistribution, surplus o Stratified societies Form and permanent social/economic inequalities...
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Notes 11-2-11 - o Eric Wolf: no internal essence o...

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