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Class Practice # I . Golden Electronics (cE) produces two models ofTV: 42-inch LCD TV (c842) and 52-inch LCD TV (cE52) . GE42: Each has a profit of$50, and requircs: 2 man-hours in production and I man-hour in assembly . CE52t Each has a profit of$70, and requircs: 2ran-hours in production and 3 man-hours in assembly . GE has limited resources: 200 man-hours in production area and 240 man-hours in assembly area . Number of [email protected] cannot be more than 60 units How should CE produce in order to maximize its profit? 1. Present information in a table format P'4,"'t C.LA .
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Unformatted text preview: PrDtt $so g'l o fr-d{,U".,, z Isw*.b\ 3 >+o .lut'-.khJ 4 2. Formulate the problem in math notation O X, +"! GE(> f*,rur.ol 'i , S ltcL9l f'!ouru4 €tA?\r.,.J/0va"\4 ry reasibre region, optim" o"r,,lo,,,l^i,"",J,1;J "J,ili ':v***,t objective function value OIV) oFv = u-rx +?oy .:1qoo € uFv ("(Axih,\c 5! X + f o Y zx -t rY : zo. ( P'-'dl*&-) X + ly { :d, (Aq*.[b) X p s6o (qua.uirr) x< 6o 6Fiwl p,ih+ @ "t I+r\=ranx zk-t)Y - >-rro X+!1 :4a 1)x -E6', =a-* df 4y = >yo =) y=]o y=lo otHl,ot \^41^ ^i k -_l o . y-_.*o "Pv = tS)tlD) +t?o) | tD) ; X t4oc 200...
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