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Study Guide for Exam _2

Study Guide for Exam _2 - Critical/Rejection regions...

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Study Guide for Exam #2 Spring 2011 As always, you are responsible for knowing everything covering in lecture, lab, and the book. This guide is to help you study, but there may be material on the exam that isn’t expressly included on this review. Principles of inferential statistics z distribution and calculations What is a z-score? How to use z to calculate a score How to use z for a sample Using z to calculate probabilities Hypotheses testing Dependent vs. Independent variables Null & Alternative Hypotheses Procedure for Hypothesis tests
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Unformatted text preview: Critical/Rejection regions Critical cutoff scores One-tailed vs. two-tailed tests Type I (α) and Type II (β) error Effect Size & Power Single-sample t-test How does the t distribution differ from the z ? Using s M instead of σ M Degrees of freedom The assumptions we make for statistics to work Random sample Sampling error Sampling distribution Central Limit Theorem (& Law of Large Numbers) Expected value of the mean Standard error of the mean Estimated standard error of the mean...
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