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1 BUDDHISM INTRODUCTION I. LIFE OF FOUNDER: SIDDHARTHA GAUTAMA – there is not much information about him. The religion was written down years later. 563 - 484 B.C.E. A. FAMILY – his father was a chiefdom. His mother died when he was young. B. TRADITION & LEGEND - a persist told him he was going to be a ruler or a spiritual person. He father wanted him to be a ruler. He covered him the bad things in life. Whatever he wanted he got. Never saw a sickness never saw death. Late teen years he marries and got kids. The gods looked down and said they have to come in and do something because he was suppose to be a religious person. C. "THE FOUR PASSING SIGHTS" the gods sent a couple of sights. for the first time, he saw old age. The second one he saw sickness. The third one he saw was death. The fourth sight he sees a hollowly man. Hes a holly monk. The monk is peaceful he is detached with everything in life. He wants to be someone like the monk. He then becomes a seeker. D. "THE GREAT GOING FORTH" – he says good bye to family. He gives up his wife, his family, and his riches. Gets on his horse and goes to the forest and gives everything back to a maid. it took six years. He tried Hinduism and Jainism. He lives in caves he was taught yoga. He tries Hinduism for a year but he wasn’t at peace. For the next five years he tries Janism. E. SIX YEAR QUEST 1. HINDUISM “PHILOSOPHICAL MEDITATION” i. KALAMA ii. RAMAPUTTA 2. JAINISM: "BODILY ASCETICISM" 5yrs – he could live a grain of rice a day. He learned to control his breathing. i.
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