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Buddhism Outline - II TEACHINGS OF THE BUDDHA-foundations...

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II. TEACHINGS OF THE BUDDHA -foundations of Buddhism comments: 1) according to the Buddha, he wasn’t interested in spectacle ideas, it was meant to be more practical. 2) Buddhism is nontheistic. Buddha did not believe in a supreme being. 3) Buddhism is very humanistic. It’s about the human on their path of life. 4) Product of their own culture. A. FOUR NOBLE TRUTHS –foundations of teaching or ways 1. OF SUFFERING –life is suffering 2. OF THE CAUSE OF SUFFERING –cause is desire (pleasure_ but all of that just beings more suffering because you grow attached 3. OF THE CESSATION OF SUFFERING – to end the suffering, end the desire. You can’t change the world but you can change how you respond to it. 4. OF EIGHTFOLD PATH -to enlightenment: the wheel 1. RIGHT KNOWLEDGE -recognize nothing in life is permanent which is the cause of suffering 2. RIGHT THOUGHT –learn not to have desire: things you practice to overcome desire to be pure-have right thoughts 3. RIGHT SPEECH –speak kindly, positively, honestly 4. RIGHT CONDUCT –things you do in life that exhibit compassion 5. RIGHT VOCATION –have the right job (ie: environment friendly, etc) 6. RIGHT EFFORTS –try to eliminate evil thoughts and practices, try to improve all the time 7. RIGHT MINDFULLNESS –discipline yourself, look within yourself to be in the right state of mind 8. RIGHT CONCENTRATION –cultivation the state of bliss, a small taste of nirvana B. HUMAN NATURE -“no soul” “impermanent, constantly changing state of events” 1. ANATMAN “NO SELF”
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2. KARMA –whatever happens at a given moment affects the next moment 3. REINCARNATION –a karmic reformation. Simile: “like a flame that goes from one candle to another” “a breeze blowing from one blade of grass to another” 4. FIVE SKANDHAS –what humans are made of (5 parts) temporarily 1. BODY –the share, form; material parts 2. PERCEPTION –mental images we get 3. FEELINGS –pleasures, sensations, impulses 4. DISPOSITIONS –instincts, things from your past
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Buddhism Outline - II TEACHINGS OF THE BUDDHA-foundations...

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