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ti86 - Statistics with the TI-86 The TI-86 Manual besides...

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1 Statistics with the TI-86 The TI-86 Manual, besides coming with your calculator, can be downloaded or read in a browser in Adobe Acrobat Reader form from http://education.ti.com/product/pdf/gb/ti86book.pdf . Using Graphlink to Transfer Files You can link two TI-86's and select the data types to be transmitted, including programs. You can also back up the entire memory of a TI-86 onto another TI-86. To do this, you connect the calculators by the graphlink cable. Make sure that it is inserted securely in each calculator. How to do this is found in Chapter 18 of the Manual. Receiving Files. If you have the receiving calculator, hit 2 nd LINK RECV . You then get the Waiting message and the busy indicator. This means the calculator is ready to receive a transmission. To cancel this receive mode, press ON . If you get a LINK TRANSMISSION ERROR message, hit EXIT to get back to the LINK menu. If all items are transmitted successfully, you get the Done message. If a file comes through with the same name as one on your calculator, you will get a DUPLICATE NAME error message. Then you must select an option from the menu. RENAM prompts you for a new name, which you type in followed by ENTER . OVERW replaces what is presently on the calculator with the new file. SKIP jumps to the next file. EXIT cancels the rest of the transmission. Sending files. To transmit files to another calculator, hit 2 nd LINK SEND . You will primarily transmit programs (hit PRGM ) and lists (hit MORE LIST ). You could also choose ALL . Whichever you choose, arrow down through the list of file names, hitting SELCT each time you are in front of one you want to send. To send all in the list, just hit ALL+ . To deselect all, hit ALL-. Once all have been selected, making sure the other calculator is in receive mode, hit XMIT . Installing the Inferential Statistics and Distribution Features These features are installed by means of assembly language. This will give the TI-86 statistical features similar to the TI-83+. By using graphlink, transfer the program Infstats to your calculator. The receiving calculator should hit 2 nd LINK RECV . The sending calculator should hit 2 nd LINK SEND PRGM . You will see a screen similar to that of Figure 1. Down arrow until the cursor is in front of Infstats , then hit SELCT . Then hit XMIT . This should transmit the program. Once that is done, hit 2 nd CATLG-VARS CATLG. Then use the up and down arrows to move the cursor to a position in front of Asm( - see Figure 2 - and press ENTER . Then hit the PRGM key, followed by NAMES from the menu. Then find Infstat in the bottom menu line (you may need to hit the MORE key one or more times to do this – See Figure 3) and select it by hitting the appropriate button. Now hit ENTER . You get a message saying that some things will be overwritten. That is probably harmless for us, so hit F1 for Continue . Once you get the message Done , you can hit the CLEAR key to clear the screen. At this point, you can now find the new STAT menu at 2 nd MATH MORE .
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