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RS 5 Assignment Description Find a cartoon related to your controversy and print it out. Don’t just Google image it— use the library resources (like ) . Try to find a cartoon that no one else in the class is using. This can be an advertisement, an image, a magazine cover, a political cartoon, a humor cartoon, etc. Explain how it relates to your controversy. Where does this argument fit in? To whom is this cartoon responding? Next, do a rhetorical analysis of the cartoon, using your vocabulary. Break apart the parts
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Unformatted text preview: of the argument into enthymemes. Discuss pathos, logos, and ethos. Address the following issues in your essay, making sure your sentences transition into one another and that your RS is organized in a coherent way: where do you see a metaphor? Is this cartoon “credible?” What presuppositions might the audience already have? Who might be the audience here? Is this argument persuasive? Why or why not? Be sure to record where you got the cartoon and include the image with your paper....
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